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Tenant Application Details
How long have you stayed at your current address? Years/Months
If you have lived at your current address for less than 3 years, please provide previous address/s here
If you do not have an agent or landlord, please fill in N/A (Not Applicable)
If you do not have an agent or landlord, please fill in N/A (Not Applicable)
If you do not have an agent or landlord, please fill in N/A (Not Applicable)
Tell us about your primary source of income and select a financial referee
If Self-Employed, please send your average earnings for the last 3 years to
Please read the declaration. I hereby confirm that the information provided by me is to the best of my knowledge true. I consent to this information being verified by contacting the third parties detailed in this form. I understand that the results of the findings will be forwarded to the appointed Letting Agent and/or Landlord and may be accessed again should I default on my rental payment or apply for a new Tenancy Agreement in the future. I agree that this company or their approved agent may search the files of a Credit Reference Agency and IDS Ltd, the insurance industry's data collection agency, which will keep a record of that search. I confirm and agree that other information and checks that this company undertake as part of this process, such as employment/income and/or previous Landlord or personal checks may also be provided to Credit Reference Agencies. I understand that I may request the name and address of the Credit Reference Agency to whom I may then apply for a copy of the information provided. I also understand that in the event of my defaulting on the rental payment, that any such default may be recorded with the Credit Referencing Agency and IDS Ltd, who may supply the information to other credit companies or insurers in the quest for the responsible granting of tenancies, insurance and credit. I understand that this company utilises the service of the Credit Reference Agencies, and I consent to this company checking details held within those agencies for Tenant Vetting, Fraud Prevention, Identity and Anti-Money Laundering and also for the purpose of collections and recoveries where applicable. I understand that in the event of any default by me in respect of the covenants in my Tenancy Agreement with my Landlord, the information contained herein may be disclosed to this company in order to recover any monies due or to trace my whereabouts. I understand that the information provided by me may be transferred to a country outside of the EU for the purposes only of processing this referencing application, notwithstanding such transfer, this company will remain the Data Controller for the purposes of this application. The information provided in this form by me is information as described in Ground 17 of the Housing Act 1996 and I understand that if any information within this application is found to be untrue, it is grounds for termination of the tenancy. I also understand that any default in the payment of rent may affect any future application for tenancies, credit or insurance and that the assessment of this application presumes that at some time during the Tenancy Agreement, I may be granted or allowed some form of deferred payment. Your details may be used to keep you up to date on products and services related to your tenancy. At the start of every tenancy we collect a deposit of no more than 5 weeks rent. This is used in the event of breakage or damage caused. The deposit is intended for a potential claim in damages as stipulated in the Tenancy Agreement and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. We do NOT accept a tenant/s request to settle the last months rent using the deposit. If rent is withheld by the tenant/s for any reason, legal action will be taken and/or a report may be made to the credit agency for late or non-rental payments, which may affect your credit rating and/or future applications.
We may request for 1 weeks holding deposit, once received, the Agents can get your references underway as soon as possible. Please note that any offer to rent the Property to you is subject to contract, receipt of satisfactory references and is at our discretion. The Holding Deposit is not refundable if you: • provide false or misleading information; • fail a right to rent check; • withdraw from the property; or • fail to take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement. The Holding Deposit is refundable if: • I/We withdraw from the proposed agreement. The Tenant Fees Ban 2019 stipulates that we must enter in to a tenancy agreement within 14 days of you paying the holding deposit. We can agree to extend this timeframe, and I may contact you in due course to that effect. Once everything has been completed satisfactorily, I may contact you to confirm that you’re happy for us to keep the holding deposit, which will be offset against the first month’s rent.
Please read the terms of service in privacy policy and terms and conditions

To avoid delays to the tenancy, please make sure that you have completed this form fully before submitting it. Don’t forget to advise your referees that they shall be contacted in relation to this application for tenancy.