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What is an Inventory report and is it necessary?

As a part of our services we provide professional and detailed inventory reports for a property before key handover, the inventory is built by using highly detailed Inventory reporting software. The information is compiled logically with accurate capturing and is completely an unbiased representation of the property.

An Inventory & Schedule of Condition is a crucial step that is highly advised when a property has a new tenancy starting. It is there to specifically prove the condition or state and cleanness of the property before the tenant takes occupation. The landlord and tenant must agree they are happy and content with the Inventory Report, both the tenant and the landlord in usual circumstances have 7-14 days to amend/add comments or notes to the Inventory once the report has been sent. This step aids tremendously in avoiding potential disputes regarding the Deposit once the tenancy comes to an end.

Protea Property Group - Tip

Conduct an Inventory at the start of each new Tenancy to help with any potential claims against the Deposit.

 Check-In report is not to be confused with the Inventory – The Check-In report is an essential process which stipulates important information has been given successfully to the tenants, such as: Parking, Keys, Property Certificates and relevant Property Documents. This document ensures compliance is met inline with the current laws and legislation when renting a property.

Additionally, in support of the Inventory Report, we always suggest contacting us to arrange our Inventory Clerk to perform Mid-Term Inspections. This is usually conducted within 6-12 months of the tenancy which essentially is an inspection of the property during the tenancy.

Protea Property Group - Tip

Conduct Mid-Term property inspections every 6 -12 months.

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