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Quite simply, by being friendly and professional at all times, including constant communication with the Landlord and Freeholder where required. We are always happy to help. 

What do we offer?

Protea Property Group offer key and specialised services: We no not offer Full Management Services, we specialise in Tenant Find Only, Block Management and Inventory Services. For further information please go to the “services section:

We as experienced agents, believe it is crucial to use a knowledgeable agency that is up to date with current laws and legislation, which is constantly changing. This means that we are always able to, where possible, ensure full compliance when letting your property and managing your Block of flats.

We endeavour to provide an in depth “all in one” Tenant Find Package, for placing suitable tenants into your property. We also offer cleaning services in preparation for Check-In, in addition to the Tenant Find Only Service. Please ask us for a quote. Saving you the hassle of organising cleaning.

What about the Inventory Report?

What is an Inventory report and is it necessary?

As a part of our services we provide in-house, a professional and detailed inventory (where requested/required) on a property before key handover, the inventory is built by using an Inventory app which is detailed with an accurate, unbiased representation of the property.

An Inventory or Schedule of Condition is a crucial step that is highly advised when a property has a new Tenancy starting. It is there to prove the condition or state and cleanness of the property before the Tenant takes occupation. The Landlord and Tenant must agree they are happy and content with the Inventory Report, both the Tenant and the Landlord in usual circumstances have 7-14 days to amend/add comments or notes to the Inventory once it has been sent. This step aids tremendously in avoiding potential disputes regarding the Deposit once the Tenancy comes to an end.

A Check-In report is not to be confused with the Inventory – The Check-In is an essential process which stipulates important information, such as: is parking available?, compliance i.e, right to rents, gas/electrical certificates etc, this crucial step helps to ensure compliance inline with the current laws and legislation when renting a property.

Additionally, in support of the Inventory, we always suggest contacting us to arrange our Inventory Clerk to perform a “Mid-Term” inspection. This is usually conducted within 6 months of the Tenancy which essentially is an inspection of the property during the Tenancy ensuring there has been no major damage to the property. 

Protea Property Group - Tip

Conduct an Inventory at the start of each new Tenancy to help with any potential claims against the Deposit.

What's first?


Arrangements will be made to view the property initially to assess its rental value. We are happy to offer to view the property by arranged Video Call. At this point, we will answer any questions you may have and determine the most suitable service to meet your requirements. Where possible, we will be able to make recommendations where necessary that could potentially increase the rental value of your property. This point is completely free and aimed at ensuring you have a firm understanding of all your obligations before proceeding to let your property. If you choose to work with us, we will discuss your requirements and tailor our terms of business as reasonably as possible. Remember, our goal is to work with you.

What's next?

Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!

Well, at this stage, we are over the moon excited that you chose us as your trusted Estate Agent. What we will do now is arrange for one of our representatives to visit the property in order to take professional high quality, wide-angled internal and external photographs. Which may include a 360 degree Video Tour which will assist potential tenants in initially having a tour of the property without yet physically viewing the property, making it easier.  We shall use the photographs, video and the information provided by yourself i.e The Landlord, to create an attractive advert, which we shall display whilst marketing your property. Any information provided by you must be accurate to the best of your knowledge.

In order to maximise property exposure,  our properties are listed on market leading property portals namely: Residential People, and Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Facebook Market Place, Instagram and Linkedin, enhancing opportunity to find the best possible suited Tenant.

Our highly trained and efficient team are passionate about ensuring delivery of the best possible service to the Landlord.

Home Presentation

As the lettings market becomes more and more competitive, it helps drastically that the property is presented well and as best as possible.  Without this implementation, the property could remain empty for longer than expected as well as affect its rental value.

In order to assist a rental property appeal to a wider market, we would suggest potentially keeping a neutral set colour scheme throughout the home. Gardens to be kept well maintained (when a tenant occupies the property, the maintenance of the garden becomes their responsibility).

Keep the equipment provided and furnishings as contemporary as possible (can still be basic).

Check for any grouting issues in places such as the bathroom and kitchen. Any mould, grim, or dirt problems will most likely  affect a prospective tenant’s decision to rent the property.

If the property is a flat with a communal entrance and hallway, make sure that for the benefit of all tenants this area is kept tidy and clear of debris at all times.

Double glazing and gas central heating is another popular feature amongst prospective tenants.

In general,  find and rectify any damages in and around the property and over and above this, have the property clean and tidy.

Protea Property Group - Tip

Presentation is key

It helps to ensure the property is clean and tidy, from kitchen appliances to the garden or patio.

The Prospective Tenant, what's the process?


The whole success of letting your property, depends on finding the right suitable tenant. If an applicant wishes to proceed with a tenancy, we will assess their suitability by providing them with a detailed application form.

The references aim to check that each potential tenant is credit worthy by for example, checking for CCJ’s and arrears and obtaining employer, landlord and character references. Once references have been received, we will contact you to discuss the results and advise of the potential proposed Check-In date.

If you approve the proposed tenant, all legal paperwork is prepared, Including: The Inventory (Schedule of Condition), Check-In, Tenancy Agreement and any other documents deemed necessary inline with Government legislation and laws, it is then completed, signed and a copy will be emailed to both the Landlord and Tenant for keeping. 

For further information regarding some of the legal requirements when letting a property, please read here: Important Information  

Protea Property Group - Tip

Did you know?

Any Landlord that holds any form of information on a device i.e The Tenancy Agreement, must be registered with the ICO.

Visit for more information.

The Deposit

Deposits are retained by a government approved deposit scheme. We use TDS: Tenancy Deposit Scheme. The Deposit MUST be transferred to the TDS within 30 days of receiving it. Protea Property Group do not accept any liability whatsoever, where the Landlord has not adhered to the law and legislation. 

Under the provisions of the Housing Act 2004 every Landlord or Letting Agent that takes a deposit for an Assured Short-hold Tenancy in England, must join a Tenancy Deposit Scheme. If you as a Landlord are registered with a Deposit Scheme, you can then protect the Deposit.

The regulations came into effect from April 6, 2007. The purpose of this regulation is to ensure good practice. The secondary purpose of the regulations is to try and keep disputes between Landlords and Tenants out of the courts by encouraging Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Below is a list of a few deposit schemes:

The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) –
My Deposits –
The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) –
Zero Deposit –

Upon instruction, you agree to our terms stated here: